free-spirited            part of the world           independent

Mary Magdalene`s sisters

Sapere aude ! (Dare to use your own mind !)  

Immanuel Kant, German philosopher of enlightenment, 1724 - 1804 

The women of Convent Metelen live a normal life with their families outside of the convent. Away from dogmas and rites. No-one is restricted in their clothing, no-one is doing a vow of chastity and no-one is promising unconditional obedient to anyone but for God. 


"You will recognize them by their fruitful creations."


The spirit of God is independent and limitless. The spirit of God is unlimited love. He/She who has learned to listen between the tunes, to read between the lines and to see things that aren`t materialistically visible, doesn`t need a specific place or rites to recognize the spirit of God. He is in everything and everyone. He is found in humans, animals, trees and plants, stones and minerals - in nature. Dogmas are made by humans and are restrictive. Openness of the spirit beyond human made borders is godly. God doesn`t know limitations of the thoughts. Neither does he know limitations in specific times. God is always with us - everywhere. Every day. 24 hours. This is how the free spirit of God, the spirit of love, will be carried into the world and lived by the women of Convent Metelen.

In everyday life. Everywhere.


Ideas become words, words become acts.


Any woman who feels spoken to, to carry these thoughts into the world, is invited to join us.


Any man who shares these thoughts detached from dogmas and traditions, is invited to help realise the equality of men and women in our world.


God is male and female. In equal parts. The human being is his divided copy. Divided into male and female. 


It will come together what belongs together. On equal terms. With equal rights. Anchoring in light and peace.