free-spirited            part of the world           independent

A place for all women of the world, no matter which religion and politics. 

A world without women would be like flower without blossoms.  

                                                                                               Ingrid Hagen 



In a world that seems to be spinning faster and fast, where more and more people are seeking inner and outer peace, places are needed where people - in this case women - can seclude oneselves to find their own peace.


The peace of our world starts in the heart and the mind of everyone.


Globally spoken this won`t happen as long as people are claiming peace towards the outside, while there really is lack of peace at home, during leisure time and at work. Even peace between men and women often only is a delusive facade. The power which is practiced partly hidden, partly publicly - especially against women - is huge. Often people don`t even realize this or perceiving it that way. The oppression is happening for way too long for it to be conciously recognized in all its facades any longer.


God created men and women in equal parts. As long as the female and loving part is not presented in our world as well as the male part, peace will never come over the world.


Harmony starts with balance of power. Only when both to equal parts are complementing each other with each of their skills and opportunities, the circle closes. This vivid place, Convent Metelen, shall be my contribution to universal peace.


Ingrid Hagen, foundress of Convent Metelen