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God is omnipresent

He who is looking for HIM, will find HIM.



Christmas, the celebration of love.

The celebration of Jesus`s birth, God`s son. HE dent his beloved son to earth. To rescue the human race. More than 2000 years have passed since then.


The focus for Easter lies once again on God`s son. In focus is not the worldly, but the uber-worldly. The incredible. The unbelievable. The mystical. Resurrection. But is everything really that far away from our perception and our life as it always seems? The four part picture book "Go! D." shows the everyday presence of God in special ways. Here. Amongst us.

You don`t believe it? It sounds too much like a fairy tale? Look for yourself. Every single photo in this 128 page picture book is a picturesque greeting of the sky.



Go! D. - Divine Light - An illustrated book

ISBN 978-3-7375-5542-5