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It`s possible to live the 10 cammandments!

The 10 golden rules of love for a peaceful and tolerant coexistence.

1. ALL humans are children of god.

    We are ONE big family.

2. EVERYONE is equally valuable. EVERYONE is important.

    ANYONE has a talent that is important for society.

    Even if it seems to be small.

3. The freedom of each individual only exists as long as it doesn`t           restrict the freedom of another.

4. Treat every human and every creature as you would want to be treated.

5. Do whatever you can yourself. Only once you have done so, ask for help.

6. US instead of I: Bear one another`s burdens.

    Society. Mutual support, help and shelter. Selfless.

7. HIS will will be done. Be guided without ego. Intuitively.

    Nothing is without god. But without god everything would be nothing.

8. Only eat what is meant for you to eat: 

    Fruit of this earth.

    Eating meat and the blood of slaughtered animals, but also milk and       milk products aren`t good for your health and cloud your awareness.

9. Every human has their free will. You are creating your own life.

    With or without god. It is up to you.

10.We are reaping what we soe.

    In perceptions, thoughts, words and actions.

Any defiance of those live rules and the godly commandments messes with the soul. This includes joint knowledge and inaction - refraining from helping. Sickness or fortune is the impact. 

We reap what we sow.