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The Young Münsterländer Peace Herd

 A peace project originating from an art campaign

the bluesheeplambs

The 2nd generation of the blue sheep: the blue sheep lamb

The blue peace herd art project originates from the idea by artists Bertamaria Reetz and Rainer Bonk. The herd of life-sized blue sheep has been visiting more than 120 European cities since 2009. The message of human togetherness has been made visible in form of the artistic blue sheep for a limited timeframe in those cities.

Taking up the idea, Ingrid Hagen, Convent Metelen, has initiated the 2nd generation as symbol of our kids´ generation: the Young Münsterländer Peace Herd. Each of the 150 original sheep has gotten an offspring, which brings the total of the lamb herd to 150 as well. This art project integrates the people living in the Münsterland, especially in the area of Steinfurt. WE is what counts. WE together, the people who are living in the Münsterland, set an example for hope, happiness and peace. The Young Münsterländer Peace Herd will be visiting for a four week period starting on the 22nd March 2017. You will find them in Metelen on the grassland of the Vechte-Wohnpark, Vitustor. Each one of the 150 lambs has an godparent in the Münsterland. When the project ends on 17th April 2017 the lambs will be given to their godparents to take care of in a ceremonial process as of 2pm. This way the message of peace continues to be present. One of the lambs will be making its way to Australia as a sign of a world-wide peace ambassador once the project has finished. Every single one of those lambs will create a sensation wherever it might be sighted. People who might not have met otherwise start talking to each other. The idea of peace stays alive. Bringing peace to the world is an undertaking, which requires a strong community. Everyone starts with themselves. The community gives strength and power. This is how a wish can become reality in a peaceful way; both small and large.

                 Lamb profile

Breed:       Blue Sheep

Species:    Peace Lamb

Ethnicity:   Young Münsterländer Peace Herd

Message:  Everyone is equal, everyone is important.

Breeder:    Bluesheepfarm Reetz, Pulheim

Geographical extension:          worldwide

Creation & herding:               Convent Metelen

Birth year:                           2017

"I want to tell all humans, be tolerant, and stop whining.

Be open and understanding, that`s when life gets great for everyone.

Connecting us is peace, kindness, hope and love.

Everyone is equal, everyone is important, that`s what makes our soul light.

That`s what does well for any human, I wish them strength and courage."


the blue sheep lamb

The Young Münsterländer Peace Herd in Metelen

Goodby! 17th of April in 2017

Now they are gone.

You can see them in the whole area of Steinfurt in Münsterland/ Germany at their godparents.

And soon in Australia...

In May, the first peace lamb has arrived in Sydney, Australia. Now it is doing his job downunder as well as in Europe. It is the first world-wide peace ambassador. 

bluesheeplamb, blue lamb, peacelamb, blue sheep

Yeah, here I am, the first peace lamb in Australia!

In August, the second world-wide peace ambassador has arrived in Montreal, Kanada.

bluesheeplamb, blue lamb, peacelamb, blue sheep

Amerika first! Ok, not first, but I`m the second world-wide peace ambassador!

Next year one lamb of the second part of the Young Münsterländer Peace Herd will go to Asia...