free-spirited            part of the world           independent

Island of renewal for all women of the world

sunflowers, way of life

One day, every thing will be fine. That is our hope. Today everything is in order, that is our illusion.




Based on early Christian mindsets, beyond churches and carried by ethical-moral ideals, this place is a place of love and peace. The core values - equality, freedom, unity, fraternity and fairness - shall find a new and truthful place in peopl`s lifes. Living in harmony together with all of God`s creations is the message that will be carried into the world from this place. it`s the basis for worldwide peace in harmony of men and women, with equal rights on equal terms, appreciative, in peaceful cooperation just as it was meant to be from day one.


Both small and large.


This place is open for all women worldwide, no matter which political view and religion, no matter which nationality and origin. It is open to those who share this idea and want to help to carry this spirit into the world.


In respectful and loving cooperation during work inside the house, in the garden, while preparing meals and during talks amongst like-minded people, one shall know that women have their imprtance in this still manly dominated world. In harmony with nature it is noticeable, perceptible and learnable to be close to God, who unites all people of the world.

No-one will be missionized.


Timely leasing will be available starting from the second half of 2020.