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The 10 commandments for here and now:

The 10 commandments, which were given to the people by Moses, were mostly formulated as prohibitions. They hinted what not to do. Today, in the 21st century people are more civilised. They are looking for assistance to face forward and to create positive thoughts. For a tolerant and peaceful togetherness.

Restatement and expansion of the 10 commandments for the 21st century:


    There is only ONE god. For EVERYONE. No matter which name he has.

2. You shall honour the name of god.

    Think before you speak. That includes figures of speech.

3. You shall honour father and mother. On earth as in heaven.

    Your parents gave you your earthly life, your body.

    The fatherly-motherly-god gave you your spiritual life, your soul.

4. You shall honour any type of life. Humans, animals, plants, nature.

    God is in everything and everyone.

5. You shall only eat earthly fruit.

    For a long and healthy life.

6. You shall choose your life partner due to love only.

    Only where there is love, there is god.

7. You shall honour and respect your life partner.

    No-one is anyones own.

8. You shall be faithful to your life partner.

    Trust grows from faithfulness and reliability.

9. You shall only speak nicely about your neighbour. He is just as good       as you.

    Anyone is right and important just the way they are.

10.You shall honour others belongings. That includes their time.

    Only take what is yours and only as much as you actually need.

11.You shall be happy with what you`ve got.

     Material is short-lived. Spirit is eternal.

12.You shall take enough time to hold communication with oneself.

    To question your own life.

The meaning of life is to love unconditionally.

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Everyone is equally valuable. Everyone is important.